Serious discussion on cycling, safety needed

Mr Lim Ang Yong asked what the licensing of bicycles is trying to achieve and he saw such a move as being punitive to cyclists ("Proposed registration not the answer"; yesterday).

The answer is that all vehicles using the roads need to be registered to be accountable to other road users.

Hence, the Highway Code is needed for the safe use of public roads.

I am not against cycling as a means of transport.

In fact, I have written letters to the Forum page, asking the Government to promote cycling. Our terrain is not hilly and is ideal for cycling.

But bicycles are too fast for pedestrian paths and too slow on the roads.

I have recommended the ideal situation of creating dedicated cycling paths for bicycles and scooters and the like.

This can be done throughout Singapore, to make them a safe and efficient means of transport.

They will be another alternative to cars, and Singapore's further contribution to a clean and green city.

It is healthy for this issue to be discussed. It should be considered seriously and not be ignored because of superficial arguments from vested interest groups.

George Wong Seow Choon (Dr)

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