Seniors can make their own choices in volunteer work

Most voluntary welfare organisations provide volunteers with the opportunity to make their own choices about what and where to offer their services ("Find ways to engage seniors in volunteer work" by Mr Vincent Lim Hai Leong; yesterday).

In other words, you set the pace and have the liberty to select and find your interest in a diversity of community service programmes available.

Seniors who are less mobile due to physical frailty can opt for programmes which do not require speed, great physical strength or dexterity.

There are many areas where their lifelong skills and experience can be put to good use, as their abilities do not decline with age.

I am a long-time volunteer with RSVP Singapore, an organisation of senior volunteers.

Some of my peers, like me, are less physically mobile, but that does not prevent us from being involved in community initiatives, such as training, mentoring, hosting and providing administrative assistance.

There are also home-based services seniors can render, such as helping with the layout, editing and writing of newsletters and publicity materials.

Older volunteers are contributing important skills in many organisations, and, as President Tony Tan Keng Yam said during the launch of the National Senior Volunteer Month last week, it is through senior volunteerism that we can harness the immense creativity, energy and talents in our older Singaporeans ("New fund launched for senior volunteers"; last Saturday).

Volunteering can be meaningful and enjoyable if one possesses the willingness to come forward to help the less privileged in our community.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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