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Selfish to misuse shared bikes

There is a huge demand for shared bicycles that do not need to be returned to fixed docking stations and can be parked anywhere.

But there have been cases of abuse, with bikes being thrown into canals and rubbish bins, and down HDB blocks.

Some individuals simply leave the bikes in corridors, staircase landings or lift landings, which is very unsightly. Others even treat the bikes like their own bicycles and lock them up with their personal locks.

The three companies, ofo, oBike and MoBike, have made efforts to address these problems.

But it saddens me to know that a minority group of people in this country take the privilege of using these bikes for granted and are too selfish to share them with others.

Hopefully, in time, people will learn to appreciate this bike-sharing privilege and act responsibly to ensure that all users can benefit from it.

Revind Jayaraman

Year 2 polytechnic student

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