Selfish behaviour in abusing disabled facilities

With all the awareness and education campaigns on the challenges people with disabilities (PWD) face, one might think that we will have a more caring, compassionate and considerate society that ensures basic facilities for PWDs are not abused.

Sadly, this does not seem to be the case.

It has been reported that over 20 supermarket trolleys were found in a parking space reserved for PWDs in the carpark of a condominium ("Supermarket trolleys left for months in condo carpark"; Tuesday).

This is not an isolated case, with continuing abuse in many carparks.

When I was at the Grand Hyatt hotel last week, I was dismayed to see that the car parked in the space reserved for PWDs did not display the necessary label.

Why is such abuse of facilities for PWDs so prevalent? It merely reconfirms that we are a society that does not care, and will do anything if we can get away with it.

Such selfish behaviour has no place in civil society.

Nicholas Aw
Disabled People's Association

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