Seeking clarity on SportSG haze guidelines

What are Sport Singapore's (SportSG) guidelines for outdoor swimming lessons, as well as other outdoor sports lessons, for young children during the haze period?

My pre-schooler children attend swimming lessons at a swim school, which continues to conduct lessons at times when the PSI levels are around 101 to 200.

Lessons are suspended and make-up lessons given only if the PSI is more than 200.

The swim school insists that it is following SportSG's haze guidelines.

It also says that if public pools close only when the PSI hits more than 200, that means it is safe for children to go for swimming lessons until that level is reached.

This does not seem to tally with guidelines from the National Environment Agency (NEA).

Parents who follow the NEA guidelines - as do public schools and childcare centres - in keeping children indoors during unhealthy PSI ranges and, hence, away from swimming lessons, cannot get a refund or replacement lessons from the swim school.

Is the swim school adhering to SportSG's haze guidelines?

Koh Yen Cheng (Ms)

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