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Seeing another path in life

My educational life so far has been conventional - primary, secondary, pre-tertiary and, ultimately, university.

The idea that there is another path was shown to me when I interacted with students from Crest Secondary School, a specialised school that offers both academic and vocational training.

The students showed me how their vocational training went above and beyond classroom learning.

Their zeal for learning appeared even greater than that of students studying "typical" subjects.

They also had a wonderful attitude, taking the initiative to offer input during activities and showing their adaptability when things did not go as intended.

It was heartening to see that Crest Secondary School and its team of dedicated and passionate teachers succeeded not only in imparting academic knowledge to these students but also in inculcating positive values in them and igniting their passion for learning.

I hope to see vocational training being introduced to more schools in Singapore. I look forward to seeing the next generation brimming with enthusiasm for learning while being better prepared for the working world.

Deborah Chin, 20

First-year university student

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