Security a concern with open design condos

An open-space concept for private condominiums will not work in Singapore (Future condos could have open design, fewer fences; Oct 2).

People who buy such apartments value the privacy and security that come with them.

Security is a big problem in Housing Board blocks. Vendors are always hanging around in the corridors, there are break-ins, and rubbish and leaflets get thrown into homes or letter boxes.

With all the security problems around the world, safety is first on everyone's mind.

If condos are not fenced up or if security is lax, intruders can enter at any time.

When my family rented an apartment in Ipoh in June, we saw some Caucasians using the swimming pool that was meant for residents only.

We overheard them talking on their mobile phones and telling their friends to sneak in when the guard is not around and join them.

Imagine if someone who intends to cause harm manages to get in without being seen.

Tony Wee Gim Leong

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