Second-hand smoke danger in public areas

Orchard Road is moving towards becoming smoke-free, but smoking is still allowed in many public areas ("Orchard ramps up fight against smoking"; Jan 9).

Something needs to be improved, as it is a liability for all Singaporeans, especially those who inhale second-hand smoke.

Through passive smoking, non-smokers are at risk of contracting diseases caused by smoking.

Some studies have also shown second-hand smoke to be addictive, causing some non-smokers to pick up the habit.

This alone should warrant a ban on smoking.

To ensure that the ban is effective, the public has a duty to report hotspots where smokers often flout the rules so that the National Environment Agency can monitor them closely.

I hope stricter regulations on smoking will be put in place to safeguard the well-being of society.

Lin Qian, 12, Primary 6 pupil

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