SBS Transit's response disappointing

I was disappointed to read the knee-jerk response of SBS Transit regarding its driver who appeared to be dozing in a video clip.

For many, there is not an iota of doubt the driver had dozed off, albeit momentarily, while the bus was still moving.

How anyone, or the entire SBS Transit management could conclude otherwise, against what everyone else can clearly discern in the video, beggarsbelief.

In the video, the driver was not just stretching his neck for relief; his whole torso was almost slumped and limp. I have seen drivers stretchtheir necks for extended periods while the vehicle is stationary, but not while it is moving.

I was also troubled to see SBS Transit refer to his medical certification, which has no bearing on the incident other than to distract from the real issue at play here.

Such a response has serious implications for the public as well as for the drivers they employ.

In the event of an accident, can the SBS Transit management be counted on to make the right judgment and decision?

I expect the SBS Transit management to take responsibility for the episode and apologise for the blunder. The driver should be given a serious warning but not suspended, as we are all human.

Adrian Chew

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