Saving Earth goes beyond straw bans

Plastic straws have become a dining taboo all over the world. Although it is commendable that many eateries have stopped providing plastic straws, people are still not doing enough to save the environment.

The idea of saving on plastic straws was brought up for Singaporeans to be more aware of plastic usage and how it is detrimental to the environment.

However, it is essential to know that saving the environment does not stop at just straws, and that there are other ways to save Mother Earth.

It is time to move on from plastic straws and tackle other issues that are more pressing - such as the use of plastic bags and other disposables.

Many countries have started charging people for plastic bags in grocery stores.

Such measures would not work as effectively here because people would be willing to pay the extra amount for the sake of convenience.

What supermarkets can do instead is to provide discounts and incentives to those who do not use plastic bags or bring their own reusable bags.

People would be more encouraged to do things for a reward than be penalised.

Saving on plastic has to be part of our daily lives and for that to happen, the Government and the public need to join hands and come up with more bold and innovative ideas that fit the culture of the country.

Natasha Bipin Doshi, 21

Undergraduate student

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