Safety procedures needed at sports facilities

I was saddened to read about the student who was killed after a goalpost fell on him (Schoolboy dies after being hit by goalpost; April 25).

This a timely reminder that safety procedures are needed even at sports facilities and that they should be observed.

This is especially so, since the Government has been opening up many of these facilities for the public to use in an effort to promote healthy living.

New users of these facilities need to be guided on the safety aspects of equipment as well as etiquette at places like gymnasiums and the running track.

I use the Bedok Stadium running track for jogging and I see people of all ages on the track. There are athletes, casual joggers, parents, toddlers, and older people.

It is all very chaotic. I often see elderly people walking slowly in the same lane as the faster runners.

It is an accident waiting to happen.

I suggest that Sport Singapore and other stadium owners consider assigning the inner lanes of tracks for runners and the outer lanes for slow walkers, and enforcing this etiquette.

Parents should also prevent their toddlers from cycling or coming onto the tracks unaccompanied.

Rizhwan Abdul-Qadhir

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