Safety measures for carnival ride inadequate

My husband took our two daughters to the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival last Friday.

They went for the River Jungle ride, which is a roller-coaster ride that ends in shallow water.

As with all roller coasters, the last lap was quite steep.

The trio tried to hold on to the side bars, but the stainless steel bars were so slippery when wet that it was impossible to grip them.

The boat they were in also had no seat belts.

Hence, my husband, who was sitting at the back, flew forward and hit his head on the padding at the front of the boat. The impact broke the lens of his spectacles and cut his forehead.

My two girls also bumped the front and back of their heads from the impact.

It seems that safety measures were inadequate for this ride. We hope the organisers will look into it so as to prevent more injuries.

Tan Siok Koon (Ms)

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