Safety first over creativity

I can understand the good efforts of Mr Philip Sobrielo Gene in putting up Christmas decorations for others to enjoy, but the ledge is definitely not the right place for such a display, especially when there are large items like a mannequin (Christmas decor on ledge of HDB block can stay after all; Dec 15).

The ledges of HDB flats are definitely not meant for residents to place objects on. No matter how properly the objects are secured, accidents can still happen should the material securing them get loose or someone loosens it out of mischief. Even the smallest possibility or risk of danger must not be allowed.

Besides the safety issues, other residents may follow suit and place decorations or personal items on ledges too. This is an unacceptable practice. The town council should not make any exceptions to this - doing so would create a situation where an accident is just waiting to happen.

I hope all town councils will not compromise on safety in exchange for creativity. Residents can express their creativity in their own homes, but not in public areas, especially when even the smallest risk of danger is possible.

Susan Tan Lin Neo (Ms)

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