Safe riding practices highlighted in campaigns

A man on an electric scooter along Holland Road on March 6, 2018.
A man on an electric scooter along Holland Road on March 6, 2018.PHOTO: ST FILE

We refer to recent suggestions from Forum writers on enhancing safety for commuters at bus stops (PMD use: People at bus stops need protection, by Mr Ong Yao Min, June 21; and Make PMD users dismount near bus stops, by Mr Shaik Kadir, June 25).

Ensuring safety is key in our drive to encourage active mobility in Singapore as part of our Walk, Cycle, Ride transport vision.

Safe riding practices, such as dismounting or slowing down near bus stops, are highlighted in our public education campaigns as well as in our Safe Riding Programme, which has been attended by more than 46,000 individuals.

In addition to our existing online and hotline channels, members of the public will soon be able to report and submit photos and videos of errant riders, through the enhanced MyTransport.Sg app.

This crowdsourcing channel will facilitate the identification of errant riders and potential hot spots, and further deter errant riding.

The Land Transport Authority is also undertaking infrastructural improvements at bus stops to improve safety, such as building cycling paths and widening footpaths behind bus stops with high commuter traffic, where possible, to provide alternative routes for active mobility device users.

Device users should use such paths, instead of going through the bus stops, to minimise conflict.

The widened paths will include safety features, such as speed regulating strips, "Look" and "Slow" markings and "Give Way to Pedestrians" signs to alert users to look out for and be considerate towards one another.

While we hear suggestions to install barriers to block personal mobility device users from entering bus stops, such barriers will also block and inconvenience commuters on wheelchairs or who are pushing prams.

All path users, including riders and pedestrians, should be gracious, responsible and take safety seriously.

We will continue to review our measures regularly and work towards safer journeys for everyone.

Kenneth Wong

Director, Active Mobility

Land Transport Authority

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