SAF strives to keep food waste to a minimum

Soldiers at a cookhouse in Kranji Camp III.
Soldiers at a cookhouse in Kranji Camp III.PHOTO: LIANHE ZAOBAO

We thank Ms Luna Raelyn Tan (Reduce food wastage at army camps, June 15) and Mr Sean Lim Wei Xin (Put cookhouse food to better use to cut waste, June 18) for their letters.

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has in place an in-house food safety management system.

This includes providing a time stamp for all packed meals, by indicating the "Time the food is packed" and the "Time to consume by".

Under the Singapore Food Agency's guidelines, cooked food kept between 5 deg C and 60 deg C should be consumed within four hours.

To prevent food contamination risk arising from prolonged holding of food, unconsumed out-rations are disposed of after four hours.

The SAF strives to keep food waste to a minimum. All meals served at cookhouses are planned according to the nutritional and calorie intakes required for the servicemen.

The meals prepared by our cookhouse contractors are based on the training requirements of the units; the forecast of servicemen who will be consuming meals in the cookhouse as well as the number of meals packed as out-rations are also reviewed regularly.

Also, as one of the participants in Singapore's food waste treatment project, food waste from several SAF camps is collected and treated to generate electricity.

Chang Pin Chuan (Colonel)

Chief Supply Officer

Singapore Armed Forces

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