S-wave hope for Singapore

I read with pride about the team from Singapore Polytechnic that brought Korean beauty brands to Myanmar (Selling K-wave abroad; Oct 22).

I hope the younger generation can also look at how we can package and commercialise Singapore's hawker fare and art overseas too.

There has been too much negative news about how our local hawkers are overworked and stressed.

The K-wave was not an overnight success but a deliberate and concerted effort by many South Koreans and their government to bring it to a larger audience.

Its foundation was built even before Gangnam Style became an anthem.

After decades, the popularity of the K-wave is now evident and it also generates employment for many South Koreans.

I dream of a day when a strong Singapore wave will go beyond just academic rankings and innovation.

And that this S-wave will be driven by our youth who believe in the special Singapore narrative.

Colin Ong Tau Shien

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