Runway monitored for foreign objects

Foreign objects or debris such as rubber deposits, stones or bird carcasses are sometimes detected on the runway ("Foreign objects on runway?" by Ms Patricia Chen Meng Hui ; Thursday).

They need to be removed as they could pose a safety risk to flights landing on or taking off from the runway.

To manage this risk, Changi Airport has a surveillance system to monitor if there are foreign objects or debris on the runway, so that immediate action can be taken to retrieve the objects or debris.

In the case mentioned by Ms Chen, a bird carcass was detected by the surveillance system.

The control tower was alerted immediately and the pilot of the SilkAir flight was informed.

Although the flight was preparing to land, for the safety of passengers on board, the pilot decided to go around instead.

The runway was temporarily closed to allow the removal of the carcass, and the flight landed at Changi Airport safely afterwards.

Oliver Kiesewetter


Airport Operations

Changi Airport Group

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