RSAF, MOE can work more closely for oral exams

Primary school pupils nationwide have been taking their Primary School Leaving Examination oral exams in the past two days.

Unfortunately, at around 9am yesterday, when some pupils would have been taking their exam, the thunderous sound of fighter jets from the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) could be heard.

The noise was deafening at some points, so much so that I could not hear what my wife was saying.

Could the Ministry of Education coordinate with the RSAF to adjust their training flight schedules so that they do not clash with major oral exams?

I trust that the MOE would have circulated the necessary information on exam dates to the government bodies and sought their cooperation.

We respect the RSAF's training needs, and fully understand that Singapore has limited air space. We are sure it is not the intention of the RSAF to disrupt the children, but let us go that extra mile to help our young generation do their best.

Kee Mong Huat

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