Rotation system for future PMs worth considering

Dr Parag Khanna's commentary (What the 4G team can focus on; July 7) is a timely reminder for our fourth-generation leaders to consider for the good governance of Singapore and its citizens.

Singapore has come a long way since its independence and as a pioneer citizen who experienced Singapore's separation from Malaysia, I view Dr Khanna's article with appreciation and some apprehension.

Can Singapore, under the 4G leadership, battle the unknown with wisdom, mental resilience and, most importantly, the wholehearted trust and support of the people?

Dr Khanna's suggestion "for future prime ministers to serve only a single electoral term of five years, or even less, and then rotate back to their prior portfolio or into a new one" appears unconventional.

Nevertheless, the idea is worth serious consideration and reflection.

Our political ecosystem is changing fast and we may not want to have a culture of a future prime minister serving two or three terms before handing over the baton.

The rotation system is also not without precedent in other countries and we can adopt and adapt to this our political culture.

This will also ensure that political infighting will not become an issue.

Change is, indeed, a constant.

Let's hope our future leaders are mentally resilient enough to accept this change positively in the future governance of Singapore.

Tan Teck Huat

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on July 10, 2018, with the headline 'Rotation system for future PMs worth considering'. Subscribe