Road crossings have to cater to people of all ages

I agree with Mr David Goh Kia Ngan that the increase in the number of deaths among elderly pedestrians is due to the lack of suitable pedestrian crossings for them to use ("Unfair to blame the elderly for breaking traffic rules"; Feb 18).

Singapore is a city state. Pedestrian crossings have to serve both the slow-moving aged and the time-conscious young, working adults.

It is difficult to select specific areas to build crossings to cater to the respective groups.

We have no choice but to spend more money to build both types of crossings everywhere to cater to the needs of the wide age range of users.

After all, what can be more important than reducing the number of pedestrian deaths?

Contrary to Mr Goh's suggestion, I do not find zebra crossings or overhead bridges with escalators suitable for the elderly.

As their reactions tend to be slow, some elderly people fear stepping onto escalators at overhead bridges. They may also encounter impatient drivers at zebra crossings.

The best type of pedestrian crossing for the aged is an overhead bridge with a lift.

The crossing can also be used by young school children. Parents will have peace of mind, knowing that their children are crossing busy roads safely.

Yeo Boon Eng (Ms)

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