Right to use latest methods, tech against terrorists

It is very heartening to note that the Ministry of Home Affairs is staying vigilant and updated in its efforts to protect all those who live in Singapore ("Fast-response police unit to counter terror rolls out in June"; last Saturday).

The fight against militant groups requires the latest methods, strategies and technology.

It is forward-looking of the police to look into various aspects of combating terror attacks, including the formation of emergency response teams and the Rapid Deployment Troops.

The threat of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is reportedly shifting to South-east Asia, with Singapore as a possible target ("ISIS 'may set up caliphate in S-E Asia'"; last Saturday).

The fight against terror requires updated strategies and technologies, as terrorists themselves are using modern technology.

Perhaps one area for the authorities to look into is regulating the use of drones, which can interfere with commercial aircraft movements ("Plane hits 'drone' during descent at Heathrow"; April 19).

There is also the possibility of terrorists ensconced in neighbouring territories deploying drones carrying explosives aimed at us.

Our anti-terrorism efforts require not only measures employed by our police and security forces, but also the involvement and cooperation of every community in Singapore.

It is, therefore, timely to consider the dictum of Aristotle: "We make war (in this case, on terrorists) that we may live in peace."

Adrian Villanueva

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