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Right to take molestation seriously

It is very important for women - as well as young girls and boys - to know that there is no shame in reporting a molestation (Not being a silent victim of molestation; Nov 19; When a night walk turned into a nightmare; Nov 12).

In fact, it is the only way to curb more such cases.

I thank Ms Lee Yee Hwa for her personal account of being molested and how she dealt with it.

I am also grateful to Singapore's police force for not trivialising this issue.

A molestation is not a "small issue". It can fill women and young people with fear and discourage them from going out on their own.

It can also hinder women from taking up jobs that require them to be on night shifts, and create a sense of distrust in them.

If molesters are not caught and dealt with, they can easily get more brazen and, in turn, encourage other men with similar leanings.

Singapore has always protected its women and children with stringent laws and an effective judiciary.

A safe society does not emerge on its own. It is built only with a responsible citizenry and a responsive police force.

Let us all do our best in curbing crime. Let us report such incidents and not trivialise any issue.

Let us keep Singapore safe for the next generation.

Susheela Menon (Ms)

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