Right move by ComfortDelGro to protect cabbies

It was a good move on ComfortDelgro's part to encourage their drivers to take snapshots of private-hire car drivers who pull up at taxi stands and commit other offences (ComfortDelGro targets errant private-hire drivers; July 4).

The seeds of discord were sown when the penetration of private-hire cars threatened the livelihood of taxi drivers.

Already, the private-hire cars outnumber taxis on the roads - about 41,000 private-hire cars to 26,000 taxis.

This means that, contrary to Mr Chew Guan Sun's view (ComfortDelGro should be a 'big brother', not 'big bully'; July 7), ComfortDelGro is no longer a big brother, but has been overtaken to become the "small" brother.

Taxi drivers face disruptive pressures from Grab and Uber in the battle for rides, losing out to private-hire cars, which offer lower fares.

The playing field has to be levelled, or we will see the death of taxis in Singapore simply because the disruption is destroying their livelihood. I applaud ComfortDelGro for taking this bold move.

According to the Road Traffic Rules, all vehicles other than taxis are prohibited from stopping or parking at public taxi facilities.

If a driver wants to enjoy the privilege of pulling up his car at a taxi stand, then he should be a taxi driver.

Gary Teo Teck Chye

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