Reward those who show public-spiritedness

Shoppers and pedestrians walking along Orchard Road.
Shoppers and pedestrians walking along Orchard Road.PHOTO: ST FILE

Very often, we read of public-spirited members of the public who put their personal safety at risk by helping to detain offenders until the police arrive.

Such offenders include people who take upskirt shots, molesters or drunkards who create trouble.

We can do more to acknowledge the selflessness and sense of justice of these good Samaritans for stepping up to help a distressed victim when no one else would.

As cash vouchers might send the wrong signal, instead of commendation from the police, perhaps they can be rewarded with membership to use Home Team club facilities.

Every quarter, the authorities could also buy a page in the newspapers to highlight these good Samaritans to acknowledge their deeds and encourage fellow Singaporeans to not look the other way when there is a cry for help.

Douglas Chow

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