Reward good service with praise

Rewards are better than punishments at promoting good behaviour, but customers are more likely to complain of bad service than compliment good service.

Positive feedback not only encourages staff to excel, it can also aid their promotion to higher management, empowering them to improve the service culture in their organisations.

Giving sincere compliments is also a good way to brighten up your own day, knowing that you have made someone else's day better.

It is now easier than ever to give feedback. Many companies, especially retailers, collect customer feedback directly on their websites.

If you experience good service, try to note the staff member's name, and retain your receipt from the transaction.

On the online feedback form, include the time, date and location printed on the receipt, and the name or description of the staff member, along with your feedback.

Often, you will receive a reply from the organisation, saying it has recorded the feedback in the staff member's file.

Ben Gibran

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