Review safety rules for riding e-scooters

I am concerned about the number of deadly silent and extremely fast e-scooters being ridden on narrow pedestrian footpaths.

The lack of manoeuvring room means these riders - who can be mere youngsters - can hardly avoid a collision with pedestrians, which can hurt, cripple or even kill.

I hope the authorities will evaluate and regulate the safety aspects of e-scooters, as well as the rider's proficiency, liability and responsibility.

Currently, there is hardly any way to trace and identify reckless and dangerous riders to seek redress.

Are riders covered by any form of mandatory insurance on liability for accident compensation?

Are riders familiar with or tested on traffic codes?

Is there a minimum age requirement to ensure maturity and responsibility in using an electric-powered vehicle?

Are e-scooters approved by the Land Transport Authority to be used on footpaths?

Peter Goh Soo Huat (Dr)

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