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Review rules to help expats during divorce

I was sad to read about the method some expatriates used to gain an unfair advantage in their custody battles for their children in divorce cases ("More expat spouses left in lurch in divorce cases"; last Sunday).

I applaud the various parties that are fighting for the rights of the vulnerable spouses.

With globalisation, we will see more expats working in Singapore.

As the number of divorce cases rises, it is time to review the rules and regulations to protect children in divorce cases and to level the battlefield for both parties.

The main issue is the cancellation of a spouse's Dependant's Pass.

I hope the authorities can review the expat's right of cancellation in such cases, especially when children are involved.

Alternatively, a special visa or visitor pass could be granted until the court case is over.

The authorities should make it easier for the affected spouse and the children to be together by, for instance, allowing special arrangements for the rental of accommodation, and study arrangements.

Leong Kok Seng

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