Revamp area where funeral companies are located

The harrowing experience Mr Sunil Kumar went through resonated with me (Show the dead more respect, May 20). I went through a similar ordeal when my father passed away in 2015.

At the Geylang Bahru industrial site where a number of casket and funeral companies are located, cleanliness is not observed at all.

Family members choose casket companies or funeral directors with the expectation that they will discharge their services with pride. They are primarily involved in the bathing, washing and dressing of a body till it reaches the funeral parlour or home for the final rites performed by family members.

As this is the final stage before the body gets cremated or buried, we must ensure every effort to honour the person. This is the final act of kindness we can provide for the deceased. A proper room with air-conditioning should be provided.

How is it that the cleanliness and facilities in this area have been overlooked all this time?

A complete revamp is required.

Could the authorities consider providing a dedicated building to house such funeral companies in a central vicinity?

V. Balu

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