Retain Seletar's green heritage

Recently, a large forested area in Seletar was cleared for a housing project.

The possibility of more housing projects springing up in the area could further eradicate much of Seletar's green heritage. The aerospace project is also probably going to eat up most of its land area.

If this is a precursor of future developments in Seletar, there is no certainty that the area will retain its forestland amid a burgeoning industrial park or housing estate.

Having uniform, manicured trees lining the roads and open spaces is not the same as having virgin forests that reflect Seletar's distinctive green wilderness.

The proposed development of the Tengah district provides hope that much of the forested area of Seletar can be retained ("Getting from home to shops will be a walk in the park"; Sept 9).

Hopefully, for the development of Seletar, the authorities will conceptualise plans where greenery is the central idea, similar to those proposed for Tengah.

George Pasqual

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