Responsible commercialisation will aid wildlife conservation

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development promotes legitimate wildlife trade in a sustainable and responsible manner.

It is unfortunate that, in Singapore, such legitimate wildlife trade has been stigmatised due to continuous lobbying by animal activists, some of whom advocate veganism as an end to animal cruelty.

Wildlife has been a resource for mankind and should continue to be so, as long as it is managed well.

The World Wide Fund for Nature is one of the few non-governmental organisations that seems to understand this concept perfectly.

Singapore is probably the only country in the region that seems to ban the keeping of most native wildlife. Why is this so?

In the modern world with an increasing human population, the only way to safeguard species' survival is to put them into the hands of the public.

The new way forward must be conservation through responsible commercialisation.

Conservation can only truly work if commercial value is attributed to wildlife.

Ong Junkai

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