Respect table-tennis body's decision

We must recognise that the Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) is a legitimate institution that has the ambit over how table tennis is governed and organised in Singapore ("STTA decision about allocation of scarce resources" by Ms Tan Hui Wen, and "Feng Tianwei's exclusion: Paddler still has much to contribute" by Mr Jeff Tan Hong Liak; both published yesterday).

It must have its reasons for taking some tough decisions in recent times.

Much of its legitimacy is derived from how it administers the resources under its charge, which include the talented players under its management.

It does not manage just one or two players, and therefore must have given due consideration to the morale of the team.

Perhaps, it is in a clearer position to deploy the necessary resources in fulfilling the vision of the sport. The decisions it makes now have long-term ramifications for our nation. Talents from near or far would have figured highly in its agenda.

Other sports bodies, Sport Singapore and the STTA should also interact and take consistent measures in governing similar matters so that no one can exploit any loophole or sow discord.

As observers, we must accept STTA's decisions and not be too quick to weigh in with our emotions.

No organisation exists for one or two players. We are all team players, and that includes us, the spectators.

Lee Teck Chuan

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