Reporting extremist preaching protects religions

It is very reassuring to see our Muslim leaders and the Government taking a very clear stand against religious extremism in Singapore (No room for religious extremism in Singapore, say Muslim leaders; March 5).

Extremism, rather than faith itself, is the real cause of public disquiet.

Religious authorities should often reiterate to their followers the need to report extremist preachings.

Doing so is not undermining their faith but protecting healthy and correct spiritual practices in a multicultural and multi-religious society.

However, we should be careful not to target the wrong people.

Whistle-blowers should not be made scapegoats.

The public should not exploit social media and add to the uproar and agitation by airing their views, venting their frustrations and making the situation worse.

Rather, everyone should look rationally at the truth and facts, and not be swayed by comments in social media, so that fingers are not pointed in the wrong direction.

Lim Ang Yong

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