Reminder on responsible use of social media

I support the jail sentence given to a Filipino national over his inflammatory comments online ("Filipino gets four months' jail for inflammatory posts"; Sept 22).

I also agree with what District Judge Siva Shanmugam said, which is that Singapore's only resource is its people, thus, any act which poses a threat to its social stability and security cannot be condoned.

We currently host thousands of foreigners who choose to work, study and conduct their business activities here for various reasons.

As visitors, they should abide by our laws and regulations so that we can continue to maintain peace and harmony in our nation.

Many of us use the Internet and social media heavily, especially Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Let this incident be a good reminder to all of us that we should use such tools wisely and for good purposes, such as for sharing good news with others, marketing our products and services, as well as to read and respond to the news.

Muhammad Dzul Azhan Haji Sahban

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