Reminder of standards in safe sexual behaviour needed to make informed choices

Ms Lynette Goh Xin Ying makes a curious observation that discouraging premarital sex is an act of condemning premarital sex. More curiously, how would promoting abstinence possibly suppress discussion on the topic of sex (Promoting abstinence stifles potentially helpful discussions on sex; June 29)?

Ms Goh's letter expresses valid points for reflection, including the choice for abstinence.

We know that standards are necessary to govern the activities of living, whether it pertains to the construction of material objects or the inculcation of moral behaviour. We also know that no one is capable of meeting 100 per cent compliance with any standard.

In manufacturing and engineering, the notion of "within limits" is an acceptance of this reality. Likewise, one should reasonably accept this to be true of all human behaviour.

The pertinent point in the discussion of engaging in sexual activities is to be informed.

Whether young or not so young, a reminder of the standards governing safe sexual behaviour is always needed, whether one takes it as a warning or, worse, as a condemnation, so as to make informed choices.

Thomas Lee Hock Seng (Dr)

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