Remain united despite divisions

The Football Association of Singapore is set to hold its first contested election next month (Two camps to battle in landmark FAS election; March 19).

I hope that whichever team wins, it will also be a win for the association, the sport and the country.

I am sure most of us who love football share this hope.

Let us not allow any views to divide our country and polarise our athletes, fans and other stakeholders.

We may not share the same worldview but we can choose to respect, not retaliate; progress, not regress; be constructive, not destructive; forgive, not begrudge; heal, not harm; and love, not hate.

Together, we can help maintain peace.

We can forgive and forget any wrongdoing and press on to make Singapore an exceptional country for sports and for our people.

Patrick Liew Siow Gian (Dr)

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