Relook maid levy concessions

I am concerned about home-care support for bedridden elderly people. Currently, the Ministry of Manpower's (MOM) policies do not encourage families to hire more than one domestic worker to look after aged, bedridden people.

Unless they are well-to-do, most people will employ only one foreign domestic worker (FDW) and subject her to long working hours with very few days off. This is because, currently, the FDW levy concession of $60 is eligible for only one worker per elderly person.

I urge MOM and the Ministry of Health to collaborate and come up with a holistic solution to this issue.

If MOH intends to push for even more home-care support, MOM should consider granting up to two FDWs to be eligible for levy concessions (MOH to grow aged care services to meet rising demand; Aug 15).

Otherwise, most families will just end up hiring only one FDW and subjecting her to long working hours without time for proper rest and days off. This is rather inhumane.

Lim Soon Teck

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