Religion, politics should be separate

The reminder that we should relentlessly pursue understanding among racial and religious communities is important and timely ("Keeping religion out of politics"; Dec 6).

Singaporeans are fortunate to have political leaders who strongly believe in the paramount importance of fostering a spirit of mutual respect and sensitivity among the various faiths.

They stay away from highly sensitive issues, such as race and religion, in Parliament sittings, at election rallies as well as in their outreach programmes.

We also have responsible religious leaders who, besides providing spiritual support and guidance to their followers, also help others regardless of their race or religious beliefs.

This may, for example, be in the form of financial assistance or food distribution.

The recent developments in neighbouring countries show that both race and religion have reared their ugly heads again.

We must continue to treasure the racial harmony and religious freedom we in Singapore enjoy.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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