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Regulate use of loud sports cars

Recalcitrant motorist Lee Cheng Yan has been given just punishment for his persistent defiance of the law - using his illegally modified Maserati (Recalcitrant driver in court for 8th time is fined; luxury car detained; July 5).

I can empathise with the people in his neighbourhood who complained about his car's loud exhaust system.

Even without illegal modifications, these sports cars chalk up very high decibels and there seem to be no rules governing how or when such cars can be used.

A neighbour who recently purchased a Lamborghini has taken to starting it up at 6.30am every day, waking up my family and many others in the neighbourhood. The start-up noise alone is so loud that we are jolted out of our sleep.

We have written to this neighbour and he has chosen to ignore our complaint. We tried to lodge a complaint with the regulatory agencies but it seems no one can stop him from starting his car in the morning.

While the National Environment Agency (NEA) has a 90-decibel limit and a 7am to 10pm rule for noise at construction sites near residential property, there are no similar rules governing vehicles like this.

The police have referred us to the Land Transport Authority (LTA). While the LTA has confirmed that the noise a Lamborghini Aventador makes upon starting up is in excess of 100 decibels, there was little it could do unless the owner has modified his exhaust system.

The NEA and LTA should get together to set rules for the use of cars that make higher noise levels than what a construction site produces (90 decibels), such as disallowing the owners from starting the engines before 7am.

As it is, Singaporeans get little sleep, and the fact that we live in such close proximity means we must be considerate as our actions affect others.

Lee Chen-Chung

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