Regulate PMD sellers too

The increasing number of accidents and incidents involving personal mobility devices (PMDs) on the roads, footpaths and park connectors makes the stiffer rules completely appropriate (Stiffer penalties for errant PMD users timely, say observers; Jan 3).

There is another area which would play a part in ensuring the safety of road users-licensing the sellers of PMDs and regulating the power (or kilo watts) of the motors of the e-scooters available for sale.

Regulating the power of the motors, rather than the weight, may be better to control the kind of e-scooters on roads .

This control could be used as part of the licensing of the sellers, which may also include rules that no modification be allowed on PMDs.

The safety of our roads could be improved with the sellers of PMDs required to be licensed and regular checks put in place to ensure that proper and non-modified devices ply our roads and footpaths.

Annie Ng Lee Hoon (Ms)

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