Registration unlikely to aid in tackling e-bike speeding

I seriously doubt that the registration of electric bicycles will lead to an improvement in road safety ("Registration, plates for e-bikes to boost safety"; Jan 11).

Land Transport Authority (LTA) enforcement officers have always had the power to book errant e-bike riders, even without registration, and they will continue to be the ones enforcing the rules in the future.

Furthermore, all e-bikes are already "registered", as they are all individually tagged after the mandatory check at the LTA vehicle inspection centres.

Only a small minority of errant riders make illegal modifications after the check.

I expect this will continue even after registration is imposed and plates have to be displayed.

The focus of LTA's enforcement should be on those who speed, ride recklessly or carry out illegal modifications.

Speedsters are elusive and difficult to apprehend.

Registration, and attempting to spot the registration number on speeding bikes, would yield insignificant results in catching speeding e-bike users due to the small size of the display plates.

The proposed registration exercise seems to be a knee-jerk reaction in response to an understandably concerned public.

What is needed is to figure out the real problem and catch those responsible for causing it.

Adding another bureaucratic layer to our transportation regime is not the solution.

Robert Liew (Dr)

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