Reduce bird nuisance at hawker centres by clearing trays

We thank Mr Lau Chee Kin and Ms Mok Juang Wei for their letters (Tackle pigeon problem at hawker centres, Sept 29; and Diners have important role too, Oct 5). We agree with Ms Mok that all of us should do our part to reduce the occurrence of bird nuisance at our hawker centres.

As hawker centres are open-air structures, birds such as pigeons are attracted to the availability of food scraps, which are sources of food for them.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) works with relevant stakeholders, including the town councils, hawkers and cleaning contractors on various measures to reduce the occurrence of bird nuisance at hawker centres, including installing bird spikes, proper waste management and prompt clearance of food waste.

NEA would like to take this opportunity to remind patrons to return their trays and used crockery to the tray return points to help keep the tables clean so that there are no food remnants for birds to feed on.

We believe that with the support and cooperation of stallholders and patrons, we can encourage more diners to return their crockery with trays, and leave clean tables for the next patron. Through such considerate acts, we can create a cleaner and more pleasant dining environment for all to enjoy.

Ivy Ong (Ms)

Director, Hawker Centres Division

National Environment Agency

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