Recognise efforts of cat-loving volunteers

Over the years, the number of stray cats has declined significantly.

This is due to residents who have worked tirelessly to trap these cats for neutering.

They are always on the lookout for newly abandoned cats and kittens, and they also speak to cat owners to advise them on neutering and keeping the animals indoors.

Some of these residents have registered with the Cat Welfare Society so that they can help town councils mediate in cases where there are complaints about cats.

Such unseen and unsung residents ought to be recognised for their community effort by the town councils.

All these residents ask for is that fellow residents be tolerant of the presence of cats, also called community cats, and that the town councils do not pander to a minority of complaining residents by culling these cats.

As our little island gets rapidly concretised, such community cats add a softness to the harshness of our environment.

Tan Chek Wee (Dr)

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