Reckless PMD users face stern action

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is deeply saddened by the recent fatal e-scooter accident, and is assisting the Traffic Police with the investigation.

The LTA takes a serious view of Personal Mobility Device (PMD) users who ride on roads. Such behaviour endangers the safety of the riders and other road users.

This year, LTA caught more than 430 PMD riders riding on roads, and impounded their devices.

Since May last year, LTA has been building up a team of active mobility enforcement officers to strengthen action against reckless cyclists and PMD users.

In the past 11 months this year, more than 1,600 advisories were issued to PMD users for undesirable riding behaviour, including reckless riding. When the new Active Mobility Act comes into force, officers will also be deployed with speed guns to ensure that riders comply with stipulated speed limits.

LTA has also been partnering the community to set up volunteer active mobility patrol teams to educate the public on safe riding habits and active mobility rules.

Since April last year, more than 800 volunteers have stepped forward to form over 50 teams under this scheme.

In addition, LTA will be rolling out the Safe Riding Programme from January to educate cyclists and PMD riders on new rules and proper use of active mobility infrastructure.

We are also engaging retailers to practise responsible marketing by bringing in only compliant PMDs and educating buyers about the code of conduct. Many retailers have shared videos and safe riding materials with their buyers.

We thank readers for their feedback and suggestions. We will continue to review active mobility regulations to ensure that our roads and paths are safe for all road users.

Tan Li Yen (Ms)

Director (Covering), Active Mobility Unit

Land Transport Authority

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