Reach out to those unaware of scams

It is very sad that yet another money-transfer fraud case has happened, despite the widely reported cases and advice on taking precautions ("Phone scammers cheat elderly woman out of $100,000"; Monday). What has gone wrong?

Let us first acknowledge and thank the staff of the second remittance agency who attended to the elderly victim and raised the alarm. It is thanks to them that another $100,000 was saved.

Tips by the Singapore Police Force and DBS Bank are timely reminders ("Ways to protect yourself from scammers"; Monday), but they re-educate and re-inform only those who are already well aware.

How to get the same warning message across to people like this elderly victim is more important. Otherwise, another case may happen in the near future.

Technology is a double-edged sword.

Family members ought to keep constant watch over their old parents and remind them regularly of fraudsters who can siphon away their money via a machine.

Banks should also take the necessary steps to ensure that a similar preventable fraud case does not happen again.

Daniel Chan Wai Piew

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