Raising IT firms' standards will also raise costs

While it seems reasonable to call for IT firms to be held to a higher standard, doing so is not a simple matter (Hold IT firms to higher standards, by Miss Maddy Lim Kah Hoe; June 19).

Traditionally, IT has always been seen as a business cost.

In today's world, IT is a strategic enabler and a necessity for business survival and longevity.

Holding IT firms to higher standards will result in higher costs.

IT firms will need to raise their workforce's skills and pay to keep these highly skilled professionals on board.

This ultimately results in higher costs to the consumer.

I agree that the end of the Productivity and Innovation Credit scheme will see IT firms pitch with more value, as business owners will no longer have access to this "cheap" funding.

But if business owners consistently use price as the main criterion to evaluate firms, then there is little value to raising the standards of the firms.

Non-tech-savvy business owners can turn to pay-per-hour IT consultants, who are properly-skilled and qualified. If they need to seek legal redress, there are options, such as lawyers.

Roy Ong Ban Guan

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