Raise rebate in off-peak car scheme

I drove an off-peak car from August 2007 to January last year ("More drawn to off-peak cars"; last Monday).

It was used mainly to ferry my children and family members on weekends.

Then, the $17,000 rebate, which can be used to offset the certificate of entitlement price and additional registration fee, was a great deciding factor for me to purchase my car.

When I changed to a new car last year, I was tempted to continue with the off-peak scheme.

However, I ultimately decided not to because, although the cost of buying a new car has gone up tremendously over the last seven years, the rebate has stayed unchanged.

The authorities should look at revising the rebate upwards to take into account inflation over the years. An inflationary adjustment on the $17,000 rebate will definitely help to increase the number of off-peak cars.

Laurence Ng

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