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Raise level of hygiene at hawker centres

I laud the Government's efforts to keep the hawker food culture here alive, and for improving the standards at hawker centres.

However, the level of hygiene can be improved further.

Food trays are seldom washed. Leftover food and gravy on the trays are simply wiped off and the trays are returned to the stalls. Over time, these breed bacteria and smell very bad.

The trays should be washed regularly, just like how other utensils are washed.

However, even though the utensils are washed regularly, they still tend to be greasy even after a wash. The grease may trap germs. With many customers using these utensils, diseases can be transmitted.

Our cleaners also face health hazards as they do not wear gloves, and use their bare hands to pick up food scraps and soiled tissue paper.

I understand that in our humid climate, too much gear is not practical, but at least rubber gloves should be worn.

Furthermore, they often use the same dirty-looking towel or soiled pieces of tissue paper to clean many tables. The tables often end up dirtier than before.

Towels are not expensive. At least two or three should be rotated throughout the day and washed regularly.

The authorities should look into having a mechanised central washing system that is effective, saves water and is more productive and hygienic.

Tan Chin Hwee

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