Raise awareness on food wastage

Though a poll has shown that many people are concerned about food waste, the situation in Singapore is still dismal ("Most people here concerned about food waste: Poll"; Aug 11).

There are already some initiatives implemented to reduce food waste in the supply chain. For example, FairPrice donates its unsold but edible canned food.

However, there are not many such initiatives among food retailers, such as restaurants.

Restaurants overseas have implemented various food wastage reduction initiatives, and these are rather well received. For example, some restaurants use smaller plates for their buffet lines, giving customers the illusion that the plate is full and that they are eating more.

This can be done here too, wherever food is served buffet style.

Public awareness on food waste should also be raised. Children can be taught not to waste food from a young age.

I once worked with kindergarten children and played fun, interactive games with them regularly to inculcate in them the habit of not wasting food. Later, the teachers told me that the children would even remind one another to finish all the food on their plates.

It is only when everyone understands the importance of reducing food wastage that we can truly curb it.

Annabel Seah Kai Xin (Miss), 20, second-year university student

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