Raise awareness of efforts to combat bullying

Students need to know the channels to safely report bullying cases.
Students need to know the channels to safely report bullying cases. ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG

Although I am pleased that the Ministry of Education is monitoring the situation of bullying in schools closely, I wonder if more can be done (Bullying in schools being monitored closely: MOE; Aug 20).

The MOE says it has been working on ways to increase awareness of bullying and provide better resources such as accessible channels for students to safely report bullying cases.

Has this information been publicised?

I am a parent of a Primary 4 pupil, but I am not aware of these channels for reporting. I also have not been given any updates or material on bullying.

My daughter has, on a few occasions since Primary 1, been a victim or witness of bullying incidents. On two occasions, I have had to report the incidents to her teachers.

If bullying starts from such a young age, it suggests that these children are picking up the habit outside school.

It is, then, logical to engage the parents and educate them that bullying is wrong.

If bullying in schools is not properly managed, the bullies may grow up unchecked and their victims will carry the hurt with them.

I hope the MOE will engage parents, students and teachers, and communicate its efforts to deal with bullying regularly.

I am sure a broader engagement with the community will lead to improvements and better management of bullying incidents in schools.

Vivien Goh Choon Lian (Ms)

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