Raise awareness about shark's fin

There has been a lot of news about conservation efforts and pledges to ban shark's fin here.

This year, almost 90 food and beverage outlets pledged to take shark's fin off their menus, the largest collective pledge by the local industry to date.

Two years ago, a survey by the World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore found that three in four people here would support legislation to reduce the consumption of shark's fin.

However, a significant group of people, especially the older population, still view shark's fin as part of their culture and traditions.

It is important that we raise awareness among the public about how important sharks are in our ecosystem, as well as the health risks that consuming shark's fin carry.

Contrary to popular belief, shark's fin does not have any health benefits. In fact, a study has found a dangerous neurotoxin in shark's fin linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer's and other degenerative brain diseases.

Human activities have put sharks in danger of extinction. More needs to be done to inspire change in the public.

Sheri Zuleika (Miss), 20

Polytechnic student

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